Hacking your Uniden GNS8350

For Xmas I always buy myself something of a technical nature. This year I purchased a Uniden GNS 8350 GPS unit for myself. It sucks and needs serious work that Uniden don't look like they are prepared to do.

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PHP Error Handling Class

Error handling is obviously fairly important so I have finally invested time into a custom error handling class for PHP 4 and above. It is a fairly small and simple class (only about 150 lines), I'm quite happy with it so far, of course you can download the class below and try it out for your self.

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PHP Voting System to Increase your Inbound Links

Having some sort of web 2 point ohish interactive component on your website is a great way to generate buzz, get users coming back to the site and even generate inbound links. One such component I have seen work well is a voting system, made so much more popular by community driven sites such as digg, reddit etc.

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