Shuffling Data Between Server Drives

Shuffling data round server drives is one of those tasks that really scares the hell out of me. The thought of trashing gigs and gigs of incredibly important information does not sit well with me. The guide below will hopefully help you to not fall for some of the pitfalls I have succumb to in my experience.

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Remote Support using a listening VNC viewer.

Situation: I have to remote support a lot of different users at different companies, not a problem when they're in their offices, I VPN in then use VNC in a pretty standard way. The difficulty arises when they are out on the road, at home or somewhere with an internet connection but no vpn setup

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Network Password Error Outlook 2003

I recently came across this problem for a network we provide support for at work, there were not that many solutions for it out there on the world wide web as far as I could see so I thought I would write up what I found:
Password prompt keeps popping up even though the password is saved on the system. Real pig of a problem, Outlook 2002 had same issue but Microsoft fixed, however, when 2003 came out the same issue arose again (possibly only in xp I don't know). A few solutions online including this one and this one recommend messing around with registry keys but personally I am loathe to messing around with registry keys especially on remote desktops for clients when I am connecting on a slow vnc connection.

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