Bare bones SilverStripe image gallery module

This is an example image gallery that has no dependencies on other SilverStripe modules - not counting the SilverStripe framework and cms haha. Just an example of a bare bones image gallery, using ComplexTableField instead of the DataObjectManager. If you are looking for a more complete Image Gallery Tutorial please follow that link to a walkthrough, much of the process is the same.

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It should be fairly easy to modify the code in this module to use say Uploadify instead of the ImageField, or to incorporate some kind of sortable module to change the order of the images, like this one maybe. I haven't tried either of these things, but in theory they should work.

This module also includes an example of paginating images in the gallery fairly simply. The prev and next buttons are not included, but shouldn't be too much trouble to figure out. The module comes with the jQuery lightbox module installed, but again, it should not be too hard to swap this out.

Download the simple image gallery module

You can download the simple gallery module here from the GitHub repository, I threw this module together rather quickly to answer DesignerX's question about paginating images so let me know if there are any problems with it please.