How to change the breadcrumb separator on SilverStripe

Quick tip to change the separator used by SilverStripe to separate the links of the breadcrumb.

By default SilverStripe uses » to separate breadcrumb links, in the SiteTree class there is a public static varaible called breadcrumbs_delimiter:

 * Delimit breadcrumb-links generated by BreadCrumbs()
 * @var string
public static $breadcrumbs_delimiter = " » ";

This makes it fairly straight forward to change the breadcrumb delimiter used anywhere in your PHP classes, if you want to change the breadcrumb separator used throughout the site its probably easiest to set in the _config.php file:

SiteTree::$breadcrumbs_delimiter = " » ";
//Or something like
SiteTree::$breadcrumbs_delimiter = "  ";

Thanks to Dylan (Pyromanik) for contributing to this post.