Blackberry Emulator on Windows

Spent a while downloading and installing the blackberry emulator on Windows. Since installing Ubuntu well over a year ago I hardly ever boot into Vista, perhaps a handful of times in total.

Every time I do boot into windows there is all this bloat ware that starts loading, plus a host of other problems. In fact, this time I couldn't get firebug and the developer toolbar to work on firefox, despite upgrading to firefox three. Then there were internet connectivity issues.

So anyway, had to download and install the blackberry simulator for Windows for bug fixing. Its quite a process, this is the best guide I found to install everything for the blackberry emulator.

Installing the blackberry emulator

There are basically 3 things I had to download and install:

Then for windows I disabled the uac control which interferes with the emulator apparently.

Reboot, then fire up MDS, and fire up the blackberry simulator you downloaded and all should be fine. If you can't find it in your program files then I got around this by searching for 'MDS' and 'verizon' in the programs search box of the Windows start menu. I'm not very familiar with Windows but this works (Unless you didn't download the verizon emulator).

So, after all this, I finally managed to browse to the site I was working on and found the problem: Blackberries do not support the css properties display and visibility.